Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stone-burrowing Bug

The last project in my 3D class. We were to design a custom insect and place it in an environment. We never got to critique them in class, so if you have any notes for me, post a comment so I can fix it before I submit this in my portfolio. You can see the textures better if you click to see its full size.


  1. It looks great! It might be good to differentiate the legs and rock a little more. I know it probably is like camoflauge or something, but I've learned this trick recently where if you make stuff different values it reads better; if you turn it grayscale and it still reads well, you're set. The legs blend a little into the rock, so I'd probably darken them or lighten them (or darken or lighten the rock).

    That's the only thing I see wrong though. Fantastic work. (I'm seriously admiring your skills. I can't do that with a computer.)

  2. Ok, that is so bug like, ahhh!! >_<;
    I think it could be better if the front leg wasn't cut off on the bottom,
    and the bug looks pretty "stone-y" if you were going for that look. It looks like one of those plastic bug models and not very organic, though that would make it look even freakier--um,,
    I'm sure there is more that you could do to make it better, but honestly, I don't have enough 3D and composition/design knowledge to know what to say. :P
    So it looks great to me,
    plus, I don't have enough guts to keep looking at the bug,
    that probably means you were successful enough to make it look so bug-like to scare me, so good job!!
    I personally think it was way better modeled/textured and composed than mine at least!