Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Boss model

We are re-doing the boss for the first level of Scroll Thief. We wanted it to be a fire-themed tiger-like monster. I found it hard to get the fire theme to come across in the model itself, and I may tweak it further. Hopefully it will help once it's textured. Here is the rough draft:

Mostly just looks like a tiger. Here is the fiercer, stylized version:

Better, but is it enough? Should I make the fur spikier? I'm going to need to reduce the polygon count as it is, so I don't want to make it too complicated.


  1. Love it! If you can...make the eyes bigger/more dagger-y?

  2. I like the new head structure much better (namely that the eyes were moved down and the mouth structure looks fiercer), but I really like the rounded ears of the first. The dainty pointy ears are more reminiscent of a little dog or a house cat - big cats usually have more rounded ears. Also, flattened ears looks much more menacing and "I mean business." Perhaps a more pronounced/spiky fur collar ruff? Or behind the ankles? I'm afraid my suggestions would make it look too Pokemon/Ameterasu from Okami. I really like the latter's pitbull-like stance and I think that's why I like the rounded ears a bit better. But it depends on what sort of character you're going for - will its moves be speed or strength based? If you want to keep the pointy ears, I would suggest leaning towards a lynx/bobcat look.

  3. Takeaways from our conversation last night:
    - take form in a pitbull-lynx direction
    - general shape: barrel torso, big beefy front legs with huge paws, smaller hind legs
    - flatten ears, but emphasize pointedness/ear tufts
    - two tails that whip around
    - fire accents: defined cheek fluff, pointy at cheekbones, elbow fluff points/pointy fur elbows
    - shoots fireballs, occasionally pounces to get better angle, or at player
    Hope that helps!